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Mount Batur Trekking Distance

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Bali trekking tour – in Mount Batur sunrise trekking becomes a recommended trekking tour that you should do when you have a vacation in Bali. This kind of tours is an alternative option to explore the beauty of Bali. You can catch the sunrise view in Mount Batur and it is going to be a memorable experience during hiking and trekking in Mount Batur.

Bali Trekking Tour in Mount Batur

If you want to do trekking in Mount Batur, make sure that you have to understand and know Mount Batur sunrise hike example about the distance of hike. It is rather important to be a guide of yourself during hiking in Mount Batur. It is helpful to anticipate and prepare yourself when you have known the real distance of the trek. Trekking tour – in Mount Batur on early morning will gives you a different sensation because you are hiking and trekking to catch a sunrise. It is a magical moment to have. Though it requires to prepare a very fit body, it is serving amazing experience during trekking and hiking to this mount.

Mount Batur Trekking Price for Catching Sunrise

What will you do if you get interested in a Mount Batur sunrise trekking? Of course, you have to find references for sunrise trekking tour packages to Mount Batur. There are many tour and travel agents providing this trekking package. When you want to buy it, you have to compare to Mount Batur trekking price. It is a little bit making you busy because you need to find information about sunrise trekking price to one travel agent to another one. However, it is the right way to find the best deal with the price and facilities included in the sunrise trekking tour. Every sunrise trekking package usually offers different price level and facilities. You must be careful in order to get a suitable one. The facilities are generally included of a pickup facility, accommodation, entrance fee, breakfast, lunch, hotel, airplane ticket fee, a local guide, and transportation fee. Those are assisting you so much to explore the natural beauty of Mount Batur.

Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking

Mount Batur sunrise trekking – is started from a hotel. You will be picked up by a tour and travel agent to go to Toya Bungkah village being the early starting point of this sunrise trekking. In this spot, you usually will get a short briefing of the local guide about the journey of catching the sunrise. The height of Toya Bungkah is about 1050 mph in which you only climb 660 meters to reach the top of Mount Batur. The trekking trip is started from a starting point crossing a dark forest. You don’t get worried because a local guide will help you badly. Mount Batur sunrise hike distance – is about 3.6 km with the time record of 2 hours past 10 minutes until you reach the top of the mountain. The condition and character of the trekking road are varied. However, you surely will be able to cross and pass it. The difficult path is a trip leaving 80 meters because it is very sliding for 30 degrees with the sandy road. You can forget your difficult trip because you can watch a very beautiful sunrise appearing from the side of Mount Abang and Agung in the east. It is a magical moment during trekking and hiking to Mount Batur. Before going down, you need to have breakfast first. If you want to explore Mount Batur and catch the sunrise, you can trust It is a recommended tour and travel agent experienced to provide Mount Batur sunrise trekking package with affordable price. You can visit the official site to find more information about the included facilities and price for every package.



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