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The Routes – One Thing to Know before Trekking in Mount Batur

Bali Trekking Tour can be a great option for those who want to explore another side of Bali as one of the most beautiful islands in the world. You are able to choose the trek or route to Mount Batur, however, its always better to consult with your guide first and know your ability. Mount Batur is very popular in Bali where visitors try trekking here. when you climb out this mountain, you can find the wonderful lake named Lake Batur where you can refresh your mind. But, there are several things that you have to know first before you book the trekking tour here.

How is the trekking tour in Mount Batur?

When you want to try the trekking tour in Mount Batur, then the thing you should know is how to choose the right trekking tour service. Of course, it always connected to the Batur trekking price as well. there are some mount Batur preparation and equipment that you have to bring when you do trekking tour. The first thing is deciding the date and time – when you visit it? You can choose the summer season in Bali around April to October. Then, you are able to ask your friends to accompany you to try a sunrise trekking here. it was supposed as the trekking group where you can keep and help each other during your trip. Therefore, when you trekking in the rain, then it would be more difficult. Ensure that you take a rest your body before trekking and you are in a fit condition. It is also helpful to bring your friends who have trekked this mount before.

Aks for the fair price

You should know that every package for Mount Batur trekking is different. The price is depending on the features and facilities that you will get. You have to compare its price to one another before you making payment. even mount Batur Sunrise Trekking offers you with different price. Each trekking package usually provides you with facilities and reviews as you need. You only need to adjust your budget and ensure that you get a fair price. The price should not break your bank. When you are catching up during the sunrise, then you have to wear layering clothes and a jacket since the temperature will be so low. So, you can make your body stay warm when the cold weather penetrates into your bones.

When you choose the Mount Batur trekking routes, ensure that you always consult with your guide first. Choosing the right package tour means that you do not need to plan and arrange the trekking plan since your tour agent will plant it in advance. There are some facilities that you can choose to come from the transfer until you finish the trekking exploration.  All those things will be provided by your tour agent. So, it is the best way and you only need to adjust your budget.

Enjoying the sunrise trekking in Mount Batur

After you know the information related to the price, then it’s the right time to prepare anything that you actually need. Mount Batur was placed in Kintamani. When you are trekking here, then it usually started from Pasar Agung Temple. You do not need to spend for entry fee since it was included in your package. When you arrived in the registration post, then you can start your trip with your local guide. The trekking track is so easy and you can choose Mount Batur trekking routes as well. if you want to get the best trekking packages in a fair amount, then you can consider as the trusted trekking service.



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