Mount Batur Trekking Clothing

Mount Batur Trekking Clothing
13_Mount Batur Trekking Clothing

Are you planning to take a try of bali trekking tour? That’s a good decision. Bali trekking is another adventure you can find in Bali. If you want to try something else other than beaches and their traditional ceremony, you can try it. Now, for the first time, you can try Mount Batur. Why? It’s the easiest one. You also only need 6 hours of climbing and returning to your base. Although it is easy, you need to make good preparation. One of the most important things you must prepare is the clothes you are going to wear for climbing.


When you use the tour service and pay the specific amount of mount Batur trekking price, you only get the basic equipment for trekking. In most packages, you get a climbing stick, headlight or torch, if you use sunrise trekking. As for footwear, you need to provide them yourself. You don’t need specific footwear to climb Mount Batur. Just wear hiking shoes and that’s enough for your climbing. The route in Mount Batur isn’t too hard. Even though you climb in the rain, it won’t get muddy and give you a hard time. So, just use basic hiking shoes.

Jacket and Clothes

It depends on the trekking type that you choose. If you choose the mount Batur Sunrise Trekking, make sure you use several layers of clothes and cover the outer layer with a jacket. Your adventure starts at 3 a.m. At that time, the temperature is really low. With bone-chilling temperature, you will need good protection against the cold and keep your body warm. Even though this mountain is located in a tropical country, you will see why you have to use several layers of clothes when start climbing at dawn. Without it, it will be very difficult to climb.

But, after the sunrise, the temperature at mount Batur will slowly rise. So, the descent trip will be much warmer than when you climb before. This is where you can take off your jacket and clothes. Wearing a t-shirt with a thin sweater is enough to deal with the high altitude low temperature. And, once you close to the finish point, you can take off your sweater and wear a relaxing and cool Mount batur trekking clothing. This will help you to descent much easier. It won’t put too many burdens on your body that can only add more fatigues in it.

Sweat Absorbent Clothes.

You also need to choose the sweat-absorbent material for you Mount batur trekking clothing. When you climb Mount Batur, you will sweat a lot, even though you climb it when the temperature is very low. In the middle of climbing, you will get several short breaks. At this moment, the sweat-absorbent material will absorb your sweat and keep your body dry. This way, your body can warm up when you start to climb again. If you use non-absorbent material, you will keep wearing wet clothes and it will hard to warm up your body. The low-temperature body can lead to injury.


You can always ask the trekking tour company about this matter. In this case, you can try to use They will help you to find out about the perfect Mount batur trekking clothing. And, it’s not only information. This company also provides one of the best Mount Batur trekking packages you can find. You can get everything that you need, from equipment, accommodation, meals and of course, the best guide. Now, you know what kind of clothes you have to wear for climbing at Mount Batur as well as the best tour company that can help you. So, what are you waiting for?


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