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Mount Batur Trekking Better For Sunset or Sunrise

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People always are looking for beaches, when they are visiting Bali. Did you know that Bali isn’t all about beaches? This is the place where you can find many great things to do and an amazing place to visit. If you don’t believe us, try the bali trekking tour. The tour will take you to the mountains in Bali with challenging track as well as beautiful scenery along the trekking route and at the finish point that is located on the top of the mountain. For starter, you can try Mount Batur, as it has the easiest trekking route among others.

Mount Batur Trekking Tour

Now, let’s move to the most important question. What is the mount Batur trekking price? It depends on the package that you want to use. The private tour, which is the best package because you don’t need to be bothered by other people, has the most expensive price. But, this package will give you the best trekking experience. Moreover, you also need to pay more, if you stay in the location farther away from Mount Batur. However, we can say that the price for a trekking tour in Bali is quite affordable. Therefore, do not hesitate to take a private tour.

Other than the price, you also need to consider the type of Mount Batur trekking you are going to use. There are two options here. You can choose between the mount Batur Sunrise Trekking and Sunset Trekking. Both of them offer different experience, adventure, and challenge. As for the tour price, mostly, the sunset or sunrise trekking doesn’t have too much different. In fact, many travel agencies offer the same price for those two. However, before you choose randomly, the sunrise and sunset trekking has a big difference. You must know about this matter before choosing one that you want to use.

The Differences between Sunset and Sunrise Trekking

Which one is better, Mount Batur trekking sunset or sunrise? Both of them have a different experience as well as the good points that you can get. Let’s start from the Bali sunrise trekking tour. If you take this tour, you will be able to enjoy the fresh morning air and a beautiful sunrise on the top of Mount Batur. Moreover, when you descent, the temperature is also rising, which make you easier to move around. You don’t need to wear a thick jacket anymore. But, if you choose sunrise trekking, you need to wake up earlier. At least, you must get ready before 3 a.m.  

If you don’t want to wake up earlier, you can take the sunset trekking. This is the big difference you can find in Mount Batur trekking sunset or sunrise. You will start your climbing in the afternoon. Then, arrive at the top of the mountain right before the sunset. You can have a mini picnic provided by the tour agency there while enjoying the beautiful sunset. But, the descent part could be really difficult, because the day has turned into night. You need to follow your guide instruction in order to reach the finish point without any problem.

Basically, those are what you need to know about trekking in Bali as well as the Mount Batur trekking sunset or sunrise tour. What you need to do next is finding a good company that provides the best service for your first Bali trekking. For that reason, you can try They have both packages for you who want to try sunset or sunrise trekking. Now, you are ready to try a new adventure in Bali. Whenever you get bored with beaches, try the mountain in Bali. Guaranteed you will have a great time and unforgettable memory in Mount Batur.

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