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Bali is a small island located in the southern part of Indonesia. The beauty of this beautiful island has even been recognized by the world’s largest tourist site that is TripAdvisor. How not, Bali has so much powerfull good tours in the form of nature tourism, cultural tourism and entertainment tours.

In this blog we will discuss one of the best natural attractions in Bali that you must add in the list of places that you will visit in 2017 or in 2018 that will come. Nature tourism that we mean is the natural attractions of Mount Batur. Mount Batur is an active volcano located in Batur village, Kintamani Bali. Basically the cost of climbing to a mountain that has a height of 1717meter from sea level is expensive impressed. So many tour operators that provide facilities for trekking tour on this volcano. The average price for mount Batur trekking usually ranges between USD 50 or about IDR 675,000 / person and the minimum booking is for 2 people.

Yes the price may look expensive, especially for you budget travelers or solo traveler. Many tourists who choose to do trekking without using services from Bali tour operators even have to climb without using mount Batur trekking guide. It could be dangerous for them. Although many people say that the mountain Batur climbing route impress easy, but not infrequently tourists who do not use the guide even lost and injured during the climb.

Did you know what the cost is covered in the IDR 650,000 price?

Well here’s the explanation:

Since the beginning of Mount Batur was opened for Bali tourist trekking activities precisely in the year 1995, trekking at Mount Batur has been managed by a local guide organization that is more known as the Association of Mount Batur Trekking Guides (HPPPGB). The fee collected by this organization for 1 – 5 tourists is IDR 400,000. That fee is then divided into three, IDR 200,000 for guide fee, IDR 150,000 for local organization, and IDR 50,000 for local government tax. Then, since March of 2017 Mount Batur climbing activities are even managed by the Natural Resources Conservation Center (BKSDA) under the auspices of central Indonesian government. Since then the cost of Mount Batur trekking increased again, the Institute adds a cost of IDR 100,000 / tourist.

From these explanations we can be concluded if the mount Batur trekking cost for guide fee and government tax alone has reached IDR 600.000 / two person. If you choose a tour with full facilities, which includes private mount batur, full day transportation and breakfast services, hot drinks, etc then the price for mounting Batur trekking is quite reasonable. It also means tour company only takes about 10 – 15% of the total you pay.


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