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Best Jungle Trekking Spots in Bali

If you visit Bali for a holiday, then it feels incomplete if you do not try trekking in the natural environment here. Trekking is the exploration which is carried by our feet, usually, you will bring to areas where the is no transportation access and stay close with surrounding nature. The path has not been mapped and provide you with challenging environments such as mountains and hills. Trekking in Bali is so fun and memorable when you want to get the best moment on vacation. This is somewhere you can get the natural air in the countryside and witness the distinctive cultural life of the community here. It can be a different experience which refreshes your mind due to daily activities. Trekking in Bali can spoil your eyes and guided by an experienced guide. So, Bali trekking tour can be your best option.

One of the places as the interesting trekking destination is Mount Batur. Besides Mount Batur, there are still other places for exciting trekking in Bali. Batur trekking price can be so varied. For those who want to try trekking, then you have to know the conditions of these places below.

Sambangan Village

If you want to see the scenery of rice fields and protected with the shady forests, then you can come to Sambangan Village. Many people said that this village has a varied topography which is perfect for adventure destination in Bali. The north side of this village is flat land, but some areas are relatively steep. Sambangan village located around 500 m – 1,020 m above sea level. you can consider Batur Sunrise Trekking as well.

There are some neighboring villages such as Wanagiri Village with an altitude 1,350 meters above the sea level. This village environment was classified as a natural and amazing destination. This is a great place to enjoy nature recreation who want to see beautiful natural landscape. This village also has seven waterfalls which become the main attraction here. Bali jungle trekking tour is so exciting.

Luwus Village

Trekking activities in Bali can be the best trip if you walk through the rice fields in Luwus Village. You will feel waking on the red grounds while looking closely at this beautiful atmosphere. You can see farmers plant, watering or other things that make you happy. You can walk on the river banks which located on the eastern side of Luwus Village as the agriculture area. there are some interesting objects, one of them is the public bath for hundreds of years ago. To trace all the environment in Luwus Village, then it takes around 1.5 hours for your Bali jungle trekking tour.

Ubud Village

Ubud was known as the attractive area and there is so many uniqueness in some routes. When following this Bali jungle trekking tour here, then you will be guided by a professional and experienced guide. You will be assisted across the rice fields by watching the activities of locals here. The rural area will show you with the Balinese art and culture which is still well-preserved. You can choose Ubud as your best trekking destination in Bali with your friends of the family.

If you really want to try jungle trekking tours, then Bali Trekking Guide and Tour offer you with jungle trekking packages that you need. You might bring to Sekumpul waterfall jungle trekking tour and you can get some facilities.  The driver will pick you up depending on your hotel location. The local guide will bring to the great trip to the Sekumpul waterfall where you will see various tropical plantations and tropical jungle. for more information, go check in .



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