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Death Record and History of Mount Batur

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If you consider taking Bali trekking tour in Mount Batur, then you might need to know about its general information. Firstly about the beauty island of Bali. Bali is the island situated in the ring of fire, that’s why there are some mountains that you can find in Bali are volcanoes. The volcanoes in Bali also includes Mount Batur and Mount Agung. This article will provide you with information related to Mount Batur in Bali, such as the history of its formation, the location and so on. Of course, you might want to know about tourism activities that you can try in Mount Batur.

As mentioned earlier that Mount Batur is the active volcano which is manifold stratovolcano with the height around 1717 meters above the sea level. This beautiful mountain has a great sunrise view that located in Kintamani District, Bangli Regency. To reach the location of Mount Batur takes around 2 hours drive if you come from Denpasar or takes around 2 hours from Ubud. if you want to try Bali trekking here, then you can ask for Mt Batur trekking price first.

The last eruptions which been recorded in 2000 in the north-west of Mount Agung with a height around 3142 meters above the sea level. You should know that Mount Batur has stunning caldera measures at 14×10 kilometers. This beautiful caldera was known as one of the world’s most beautiful caldera in 1949. The altitude of this caldera begins at the lowest at 1260 meters to get the highest peak at 2152 meters above the sea level. The highest peak in the Batur Caldera was called as Mount Abang. The Batur Caldera was formed after the huge explosion or eruption which formed around 29.300 years ago and according to the volcanologist research. Before it has erupted, then Mount Batur has 4.200 meters from sea level. In the Batur Caldera was made as to the second caldera with the diameter around 7 km and it was filled up with water and called as “Batur Lake”. This lake is the largest lake in Bali along with the area takes around 16 square kilometers.

According to the volcanologists records, since 1804 until the last eruption happened in 2000. Mount Batur was recorded got 26 times of eruption. The biggest eruption in Batur Mountain was recorded from August to September 1926. Then the hot lava actually comes from this huge explosion and almost covered all of Batur Village and reported more than 200 lives as well. to get the best scenery here, then you can try Mt Batur Sunrise Trekking and hot spring.

Since 1996, Mount Batur start to open for tourism activities. Until now, there are so many tourists from around the world visit this popular mountain where they want to enjoy a sunrise view. Mount Batur death might be found in other reports as well. instead of trekking Mount Batur during the sunrise time, there are also some tourists who trek this mountain during the daylight as well. during the daylight, tracking is so exciting as well. they might try camping here and enjoy the Batur Mountain Peak. There are many things that you can do here, all you need is contact your trekking tour service now.

Well, with that information above related to Mount Batur and their eruption records, even Mount Batur death. if you want to know more detailed about the price and trekking tour packages that you want, then go call out Bali Trekking Guide and Tour as your best friend. Then they will provide all the information that you need related to your package and contacts them on . We will be happy to reply to all of your questions.



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