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Kintamani For Sunrise Trekking at Mt Batur Bali

The Best Time To Visit This Beautiful Bali Attraction

Do you have a plan to stay around Kintamani while spending a holiday in Bali? If it is so, you can try a Kintamani sunrise trekking. One of the places in Kintamani you can visit is Mount Batur. It is an active volcano in Batur village. Bali Trekking Guide and Tour agency are ready with interesting Bali trekking tour packages including sunrise trekking package. The list below is the packages you can get from this travel agency.

Sunrise Trekking Short Package

If you only have a short time in Bali, you can just join the Mt Batur Kintamani sunrise trekking short package. This package brings you to enjoy the most beautiful sunrise in Kintamani from the peak of Mount Batur. Plus, you can also capture the best spots around Mount Batur. Indeed, there will be a lot of great spots you can capture in this active volcano. Besides exploring Mount Batur, the professional tour guide brings you to a coffee plantation where you can taste the delicious flavor of the most expensive coffee in the world known as Luwak coffee. Then, your personal tour guide brings you back to the hotel. It is really a great sunrise trekking short package to try because you only need to spend around 8 hours or more to enjoy the beauty of Mount Batur and coffee plantation.

Sunrise Trekking and Hot Spring Package

If you have a little bit long time to spend your day in Bali, just try Kintamani sunrise trekking and hot spring package. In this package, the agency guides you to enjoy the main attraction first, Mount Batur and sunrise. After that, you will go to a specific interesting place called Batur Natural Hot Spring. This hot spring is a great place to take a shower and relax after walking through the hiking route. For example our Mount Batur trekking price from Ubud is affordable and it covers everything you need to explore an active volcano and hot spring such as breakfast, water, entrance fee, hiking equipment, walking pole, headlight, and many others. This package is a little bit longer in which you are about to spend around 10 hours to complete the package before going back to the hotel.

Sunrise Trekking with Buffet Breakfast Package

For those who just want to relax after exploring Mount Batur and sunrise, you can choose this sunrise trekking with buffet breakfast package. The detail is similar to the short package and the difference is on the activity. By the time you are done with the exploration, your personal tour guide brings you to one of the best restaurants in Kintamani. This is a great chance to taste the delicious flavor of fried rice, fried noodles, pancake, toast, fried egg, hot drinks, and many more. Those foods are served in a buffet so you can eat all of them just like what you want. You are about eating in a strategic place along with a lake and Mount Batur as the background. Next, your personal tour guide leads you to a coffee plantation before going back to the hotel. It is a perfect package for a short holiday in Bali because you just need to spend around 9 hours to complete the package.

Sunrise Trekking with Full Package

For the most unforgettable holiday in Bali, you can join this Mount Batur sunrise trekking package. As a full package, you are not only enjoying the sunrise from the peak of Mount Batur. But also several interesting places. This package is the combination of those packages explained above. After enjoying Mount Batur, you have a chance to take a shower or relax at Batur Natural Hot Spring. Then, recharge your energy by eating a variety of delicious foods at one of the best restaurants in Kintamani while enjoying the fabulous lake and Mount Batur view. The last thing to do is exploring Bali coffee plantation to taste the flavor of Luwak coffee. Indeed, you must try this Kintamani sunrise trekking package. It takes around 11 hours or more to complete the package.

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