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Mount Batur Trekking Guide

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Mount Batur is located in the Bangli, a district on the island of Bali. Tourists and visitors have climbed the mountain since decades ago and this is why you need to try Bali trekking tour from for the best experience. Besides you will see Bali from a different perspective, this tour is kind of challenging especially if you are up for physical activity instead of longing at the beach. You will get many rewards and one of them is witnessing a stunning sunrise from the summing of Mount Batur. This is why this place is always high in demand.

Different operators and tour agents would charge a different price. Mount Batur trekking price also has something to do with the destinations or the spots where you will visit during the tour. In this article, we are going to show you several things you need to prepare and bring for this trip. Commonly, the tour also includes breakfast, lunch, a walk at the green fields and coffee plantation, and rafting if you want to. This is why you need to ask the staff in the first place before purchasing a holiday product.

The challenge: How hard is it?

Mount Batur sunrise trekking and hot spring is very popular even today. But it does not make the route becomes easier and less desirable. You need to prepare your physical condition in fit condition. If you are used to doing a cardio workout or have a normal active lifestyle then you might be able to tame the mountain fine. The hike will take up to two hours for the fastest record with very few breaks. Other than that, you are going on top of a mountain which is about 1,700 meters above sea level.

What to wear

According to Mount Batur trekking guide, there is no specific rule about the dress code when it comes to hiking the volcano. However, we would remind you that you will hike a volcano before the sun goes up. So, we highly recommend you to prepare proper clothing without leaving the comfortable aspect. Other than that, you also need to wear a comfortable pair of shoes that provide a proper level of support for hiking and trekking.

Bringing a jacket or hoodie would be highly recommended considering the weather is kind of cold up there. On the other hand, trekking during the wet season is not recommended at all. According to the Mount Batur trekking guide, the route is not great and the weather would get much colder.

What to bring

Purchasing a holiday package is highly recommended especially if you purchase it from a reputable yet experienced agent like for this trip. Even though some of the things you would need will be prepared by the staff, you still need to bring some things for your own good. A small rucksack would be a wise choice because you will need to carry some extra water, snacks, and waterproof gear in it. The guide will only show you Mount Batur trekking guide but your personal matters should be prepared by yourself.

Camera equipment

According to Mount Batur Bali trekking guide, it would be such a waste if you do not bring along your camera equipment. Camera equipment even becomes an essential thing. But we do not recommend that you bring a tripod along considering the surrounding is basically crowded, peak, and busy. You really do not want to hike the mountain with a tripod in your hand. Besides, you need to enjoy the moment instead of taking a bunch of pictures without living in the moment. Sunrise is a great object to shoot but the moment is precious though.



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