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Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking in Rain

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Bali trekking tour will be a nice option for exploring the other sides of Bali. You can select to trek to Mount Batur. This mount is a popular one in Bali in which many tourists are trekking to this mount. When you trek it, you will see a magical lake of Lake Batur so that you can refresh your mind. These are some things that you should know before conducting a sunrise trekking in rain.

Bali Trekking Tour in Mount Batur

When you want to do a trekking to Mount Batur, you need to know a tour and travel package. It is usually related to Mount Batur trekking price. There are some preparations and tools that you should bring when you want to do a trekking activity. The first thing is selecting the right date and time. You should select the summertime in Bali about April to October. Then, you gather some friends to accompany you doing a sunrise trekking. It is aimed at making a particular group to keep and help each other during the trekking. Furthermore, when you do Mount Batur sunrise trekking in rain, it tends to be more difficult. Then, make sure that you take a rest sufficiently and ensure your body fit. You have to find friends who have trekked to this mount before. It is helpful to identify the characters of Mount Batur. At least, no all people are blind of Mount Batur.

Mount Batur Trekking Price

Every package of Mount Batur trekking is actually different from one another. Mount Batur trekking price depends on the facilities and features offered. You should compare one another of the package before selecting the chosen one. Every trekking package commonly offers its positive reviews and facilities. You need to adjust your budget and mission during trekking to this mount. The price shouldn’t ruin your Bali trekking tour. When you are catching the sunrise, you should wear a thick jacket because the temperature is very extreme. With that way, you can kick out the cold weather penetrating your bones.  When you select a package tour, you don’t plan and arrange a trekking plan because the tour and travel will plan it. The facilities included are starting a pickup to the final trekking exploration. All things have been covered by tour and travel. That is very easy and practical in which you only adjust to your budget.

Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking

After you recognize Mount Batur trekking price, it is time to prepare anything you need in Mount Batur sunrise trekking. Mount Batur is located in Kintamani. When you do this trekking, it is commonly started from Pasar Agung Temple. You don’t need to pay a retribution cost because it has included in the tour package. As you arrived in a registration post, you can continue your trip with the local guide. The trekking track is fairly easy but the next treck will make you tired. However, you don’t get worried because a local guide will assist you. It is better to reach the top of the mount before the sun rises. When the sun has risen, your sunrise trekking trip is failed. Seeing a sunrise will be a memorable experience at the top of the mountain. The amazing view looks magical. The sun slowly rises. It is less than one hour in which you can see and enjoy a wonderful view of the top of Mount Batur. You can stay there until the sun goes up. If you get interested in seeing the natural phenomena, you should take a right package of Mount Batur sunrise trekking. You can choose It is a trusted tour and travel providing this trekking tour. It has experienced for years making customers satisfied. Thus, choose it for a fun trip and trekking time in Mount Batur.



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