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If you are wondering about what is the thing to do in Mount Batur in Bali, the first thought that should come to your mind is trekking. Nothing compares to having an adventurous journey on the foot of mountainous terrain while enjoying nature and its scenery. Mount Batur, which is located in Batur village, Kintamani District, Bali, Indonesia is one of the best places to do trekking in. It is a 1.717 meters high active volcano with a scenery that will blow your mind.  Besides the spectacular scenery, you can also fill your stomach with delicious breakfast cooked by the steam of the active volcano and enjoy local coffee on the way home.

What about the price?

Because there isn’t any marked path to the summit to Mount Batur, it is best for you to trek with a guide. There are a lot of companies in Bali which provide Mount Batur trekking trips. You can even book them online before you arrived in Bali. The price for these trips is variable, depending on what experiences you want to get. Most companies provide pick-ups from the hotel so you do not need to worry about the means of transportation to reach Mount Batur.

Talking about Mount Batur trekking price, The companies also provide several packages for you to choose on your trekking trip. These packages are divided based on the types of activities within them so you wouldn’t be concerned about things to do in Mount Batur. For example, a group tour of sunrise trekking with breakfast on top and a visit to the hot springs can cost you around $45. On the other hand, a private  trip of sunrise trekking with breakfast on top and coffee will cost you around $63. The most expensive package can cost you up to $135, which consists of a 2-day sunset and sunrise camping at Mount Batur, including gear and porter, dinner and breakfast, and a visit to the hot springs.

Now that you know the price, let us get into the details of the package

Now that you know the price, let us get into the details of Mount Batur Sunrise trekkingOne of the most beautiful experiences to get at Mount Batur is from sunrise trekking. Before going on the trip, you should always wear the appropriate clothing and gear. You should also make sure you’re perfectly energized because the trip can take a while. The sunrise is around 6 AM. Therefore, in order to reach the summit for the first rays, you’d have to start trekking at around 4 AM and keep a moderate pace. The climb will be done in pitch black, so you would have to be careful. But you don’t have to worry because the friendly guide will keep motivating you and making sure you stay safe all the way. The trekking can be a little difficult, but once you’ve reached the summit, your adrenaline is going to kick in because you will be presented with a view like no other. As the sun gets higher up in the sky, the guide will help you prepare breakfast, which is usually boiled eggs cooked in the steam from the volcano, served in a breakfast box with bread and fruit. After the trek, you can definitely reward yourself with a visit to the hot springs, relaxing your aching muscles in a bath.

Mount Batur truly is the perfect spot for trekking in Bali. With affordable prices starting from around $45, you can enjoy various experiences like never before. Because the prices include a guide, you needn’t worry about a single thing. The trek to the summit might be a bit challenging, but the view of the sun rising to the sky will be worth all the while. All you need to bring is your body, mind, and soul and you’re all set to have the best viewing experience in your life. So, if you wonder about a thing to do in Mount Batur, you should definitely think about trekking.

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