Association of Mount Batur Trekking Guides

Association of Mount Batur Trekking Guides
12_Association of Mount Batur Trekking Guides

When you use bali trekking tour package and climb Mount Batur, you will always be accompanied by a guide. The guide will help you to climb safely and return to the finish point without any problem. Now, have you wondered where these guides are coming from? The answer is only one. They are the member of Mount Batur Trekking Guides Association. Many Bali trekking tour companies work together and use this association service in order to provide a guide for their clients. And, there are many reasons why those companies always use the guides for their client climbing activity at Mount Batur.

They Are Expert in Climbing Mount Batur

The association of Mount Batur trekking guides has hundreds of guides that will help you to climb safely. Mostly, these guides are coming from Kintamani area. Therefore, they know the route in Mount Batur. They have been climbing this mountain since they were a kid. However, in order to become a guide, they also have to finish the guide class and pass the test to get a license. So, it’s not everyone can become a guide. It is a group of selected people that has the qualification to guide you safely. Therefore, the mount Batur trekking price you paid for their service is worth.

Guiding Your Climb

The association guides also help you to climb in a correct way. As we all know, Mount Batur is one of the sacred places for Balinese. Therefore, you have to follow the rule. This is where a guide can help you to stay in the line and keep you away from the problem. Moreover, When you try mount Batur Sunrise trekking, you will start climbing at dawn, when the day is still dark. The guide will ensure you that you use the correct route and method to climb, so you won’t get any incident that can injure and even harm your life.

For Your Safety

All guides from the Association of mount batur trekking are expert and can help you to climb Mount Batur safely. However, there is another reason why this association is important. They are there to protect you, the climbers. If you try to climb by yourself or solo trekking, there are many chances that you will be scammed by locals who see you as an easy target. With a guide, you don’t need to worry about that. They are well-known; therefore you won’t get any trouble from locals. Maybe you need to pay more, but that’s what you need to do.


Basically, Association of mount batur trekking is an important part of your climb. More than that, they are also an important part of society in Kintamani, especially the area close to Mount Batur. Their existence has one purpose, which is to provide the best experience for anyone who wants to try Mount Batur trekking. Moreover, they also have a big part in developing the locals’ economy by providing a job for a climbing expert that lives close to Mount Batur. We can say that the association changes the life-quality of people that live there. So, it is important to use their service for a better purpose.

Maybe, you read someone writing about their Mount Batur trekking and have a bad experience with the guide. Mostly, that problem occurs because they try solo trekking and have a problem with their climbing. Then, they just hire a guide that they can find. This is the reason why the Association of mount batur trekking is important. Use their guide by purchasing the package from mount Batur trekking company, Their guide is the best and their service is satisfying. They will give you the best experience in climbing Mount Batur and enjoy the sunrise or sunset scenery from the top of the mountain.

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