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Ubud Sunrise Trekking Tour

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Ubud Sunrise Trekking Bali

Trekking Hack for the Most Adventurous Trip in Bali

Bali offers many things to those who are seeking for adventure and one of them is Bali trekking tour. This is one of the most popular tourist attractions on the island. Hundreds of tourists hike the mountain only to witness the epic scene of sunrise from the top of it. There will be no other morning as amazing as the one that you see from the peak of Mount Batur. In addition, there are a lot of fantastic spots that you can find along the trekking path. You can trust that all your hard work to reach the top of Mount Batur is really worth it.

Where Is It and How to Get There?

Mount Batur is one of the most active volcanoes in Bali and erupted for the last time in 2000. It lies in Kintamani District, Ubud. The mount located about 5,600 feet above the sea level and can be reached from Ubud within 1 hour and 20 minutes by car. But, if you start your journey from Kuta, you will need 2 hours and 10 minutes. The easiest way to do Mount Batur sunrise trekking tour is by booking a sunrise trek.

The Mount Batur trekking price is also affordable. The packages offered usually include hotel pick up. The accommodation is an important factor in the trekking activity. You will need to start quite early in the morning at about 3 am if you want to get to the location in time to see the epic sunrise.

Best Time for Trekking

Basically, you can do the Ubud sunrise trekking anytime for the whole year. This is because Bali only has two seasons, rainy and dry seasons. However, the temperature is relatively low in the rainy season and the trek will be wet. It will cause the path to be more slippery and more dangerous for the tourist. Thus, the best time to hike the Mount Batur is in the dry season.

How Hard Is the Trek?

The difficulty level of the Mount Batur trek is different from one tourist to another. It depends on tourists’ experience in trekking and their physical ability. You will need for about 2 hours to reach the summit of the Ubud sunrise trekking. You have to make your way up 2,296 feet in complete darkness and relatively low temperature. Meanwhile, it takes for about 5 hours to complete the entire Mount Batur trek. In this way, the tourists’ stamina will also play an important role in the success of the trekking.

What to Wear

Considering that you have to start your Ubud sunrise trekking early in the morning, this will be very helpful to wear warm clothes. Bring your jacket, gloves, sneakers, and layers. However, you need to know that it will get hot once you make your way up to the summit. Thus, make sure that you also wear a sweatshirt under your jacket. The sun will also start to shine once you go down the trek. So, just don’t forget your hat. There is another item that you must not forget. Yep, camera! There will be a lot of fantastic views to capture along the way.

The Rewards

Epic sunrise is just one of the amazing things offered by Mount Batur trekking. You can boil eggs for breakfast in the steam of the mount. On your way down, you will find a lot of grey monkeys. Mount Batur is the home for the adorable creatures. The monkeys are tame and you can take pictures with them. For your reward after hours of climbing, you will find natural hot springs on the slope of the mountain. For more information about Ubud sunrise trekking, you can visit



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