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Bali Trekking Mount Batur

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Bali Trekking Mount Batur

The Best Way To Spend Your Day In Bali

What kinds of activity you want to do, if you plan to visit Bali? Mostly, you visit Bali for sunbathing in its beaches, which is famous for its beauty. Or, you want to surf because Bali has more than 60 world-class surfing spots ranged from beginner to pro surfer level. Some of us maybe also just want to enjoy the unique culture you can only find in Bali Islands. However, that’s not the only interesting activity you can do in Bali. Try the Bali trekking as well. For starter, you can book for Bali trekking tour in Mount Batur.

Mount Batur

Mount Batur is the easiest trekking route in Bali. It doesn’t take too much time to reach the summit. And, the mount Batur trekking price is also much cheaper. Usually, you climb this mountain for one purpose, which is enjoying sunrise scenery at the top. The trekking route doesn’t have too much obstacle that worn out your body. Of course, trekking is still trekking. You need to prepare yourself so you have a good physical condition on the d-day. Once you are ready, you can enjoy this adventure and the scenery surrounding your trekking route.

The Sunrise

As we mentioned before, the main purpose of mount Batur Sunrise Trekking is watching the amazing sunrise scenery. This can be very challenging because you will start climbing at dawn. Usually, the trekking tour company will pick you from your hotel at 2 a.m. Then, you drive to the foot of Mount Batur or the climbing starting point. From this point, you will climb for 2 hours in maximum and reach the summit just before sunrise. If there is no problem, you will arrive around 30 minutes before sunrise. During the waiting time, you can have light breakfast and relaxing time.

Preparation for Climbing Mount Batur

Just like other trekking activity, preparation is the most important thing to do before you start climbing. It’s also applied to the Bali trekking mount Batur tour. We indeed said that this is the easiest trekking route. However, you also need to understand that this is an outdoor activity. Moreover, you are going to trek through the route in the mountain. So, there are many parts in this mountain that can harm your life, for example, the area near the top, where you have to climb a rocky route. At least, you should wear correct hiking equipment and prepare water to keep your body hydrated.

As for the equipment, usually, you will get a hiking stick and flashlight from the tour company. However, that is not enough, if you really want to try Bali trekking mount Batur. So, wear good hiking shoes, several layers of clothes to fight the cold weather you will face in the mountain and headlamp. Headlamp, in fact, is the most important thing you need to prepare here. You will get the flashlight from the guide, but that won’t be enough, especially when you have to use both arms to climb on the rocky part. Buy it before you climb.

The last thing you need to do is using the correct Bali trekking mount Batur tour package. There are many Bali trekking tour companies that have the Mount Batur trekking package. But, we are from Bali Trekking Guide and Tour is one from some best option you should consider with. Our company promise you with a very satisfying service and affordable price for its trekking package. All of our guide is also experienced. Moreover,we will give you complete service from picking up, breakfast, equipment and many others. Just go to our website and book the service that you want. You can book it in a group if you want to save more budgets or private tour package for better experience.

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