Review about Mount Batur Trekking

Review about Mount Batur Trekking
05_Review about Mount Batur Trekking

Do mount Batur sunrise trekking is a magical way to start your day in Bali, Indonesia. This blog will tell you some important information about mount Batur trekking review.

This island has so many beautiful beaches like in Kuta, Canggu, Sanur, that may you have been to visit. Whenever you feel satisfied with exploring the beach and the sea in Bali, you need not forget that climbing the active volcano Batur is must.

Do mount Batur in the afternoon is not really suggested based from mount Batur trekking review as the temperature here will little bit hot. It’s better if you to start your trek at this volcano a few hours after midnight and early morning trek is recommended. There will be more than hundred of tourist every morning come here to do Mount Batur sunrise tour.

When it still in the darkness time on the trails, you won’t be able to tell how far you have gone through or how much far you have walk already. This condition uncertainty actually can relieve you from unnecessary assumptions during the trek. You will just have to be in your private moment when your foot in front of the others trekker, the sight of nightfall also the sweat on your back and the unique sound from everyone’s breathing.

Maybe some of you already read about others review from mount Batur trekking, you might be also knowing if that the mount high is 1717 meter above sea level. When you have gone enough far until peak the mountain, you may need to form a single line when it comes to the narrow area on the way switchbacks. Don’t forget to enjoy every second the chance of standing at the ancient of this Hindu sacred volcano.

Right Way to Trek Mount Batur Volcano

On our previous mount Batur trekking review, we have to explain if there will must better if you take service from a mount trekking company for this hiking trip. Please keep in your mind that you are in a new area that may you don’t know a thing and also because you should start your trekking here when it’s dark on the hiking trails. That is the reason why you must be have a guide with you.

Bali Trekking Guide and Tour is one of recommended mount Batur sunrise trekking tour company. We provide you complete services with picking you up at your hotel, coffee break before the trek, breakfast at mount Batur summit, enjoying the natural hot springs and also transfer you back to your hotel. We also provide you English speaking trekking tour guide as well as private driver for whole of the day. All inclusion we cover on every package with a reasonable and cheap price.

If you have read some mount Batur trekking review, you will knowing well how important it is to have a guide during your sunrise trekking at Batur. You will also get some drinking water from our guide, but bring your own water also in case you need more. Besides from that we also provide a headlight and walking stick if you need. Our company not sell tour with hidden price and please note the price you paid is including the entrance fee to Mount Batur and also entrance fee to Kintamani area. Total entrance fee for each person is IDR 131.000 or about USD 10.

How About the View at The Top of Batur?

Will not really matter if you are not a professional hiker or may bit lazy on daily. You don’t have to wear hiking shoes because use standard sport shoes with good grip should be fine for trekking mount Batur. Make a strong decision because you need to wake up early morning at 1 – 2 am for witnessing the magnificent view of sunrise at the top of Batur volcano.

Well the main point of this Bali trekking review, you will arrive at the top around 6.00 am after 2 hours walking. At the top you can feel the magic as the dark sky turns its shades into blue, pink, red and orange color at the end.  When the light is on, you can see how far you have climb it. Take time to sit on the stone ledge and enjoy the look of village rooftops and stretching valleys while our mount Batur guide preparing a cup coffee and breakfast for you. From Batur summit, you also able to see the whole feature of mount Agung volcano and also peak of mount Rinjani (Lombok island) across the valleys.


Mount Batur Trekking Review

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