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Mt Batur Trekking Height

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Mount Batur is one of the most beautiful mountain in Bali, yes maybe many people’s already know about that fact. But how about the mount Batur height, have you read some blog about that? Maybe some of you never think about that because enjoying the mount Batur sunrise trek may more important for you. Well according to this blog, we will tell you a few information about mount Batur height you must be know!

Mount Batur Height

Height from Mount Batur is only  1,717m above sea level and that is a reason why lots of beginner climbers love to clmbing here and most of them to be able to reach its peak within walking around 1.5 – 2 hours. This hiking tour at mount Batur is much different with climbing on Mount Agung, it is was longer paths and 3 times more difficult terrain than Batur.

Bassically the mount Batur hiking trail is shorter and easier terrain than other mountain in Bali, but when do huking at Mount Batur Bali we highly recommend to you for use guide because mount Batur is enough on height. This is for the safety and security factors of each people’s who do climbing in there. However, there are still many tourist still decide to make their own mount Batur hike without take a guide.

Mount Batur Hiking Trail

Mount Batur has 2 lanes for trekking trail, it is via Toya Bungkah village and via Jati Temple. The climbing duration is approximately 1.5 hours until 2 hours depending on how fast you are when climbing there. Mostly tourists prefer do the hike via the Toya Bungkah line for better experience.

Mount Batur Route and Trekking Starting Point

Did you know about route and trekking starting point at mount Batur? Well, if you start this trek from Kuta, Seminyak, Legian or Canggu you can go directly to Batur village Kintamani, Bangli. The location is precisely to Penelokan then find a way down to Lake Batur street. After there you must continue to follow the way down until there is a junction and lets there turn to the left. At this area you will going through a road surrounded by dry black lava rock from Mount Batur eruption on 1926, finally you will arrive at Toya Bungkah Village and let’s see how amazing the mount Batur height from this base!

Mount Batur Trekking Tips

The most important thing you should to remember during do mount Batur trekking is bring down your garbage, don’t litter, don’t cross out whatever you pass, and don’t damage the nature of this volcano.

Like on other mountains in Bali Indonesia, do some exercise a week before climbing is recommended. Although mount Batur is not too high, you must know if the route will fell challenging for some people’s especially for beginner climbers. Because of that to prevent cramps is highly recommended to you do some exercise first before climbing the mount Batur on their height.

You may need to bring some raw eggs from the bottom to boil them when you are reach the top. You may can buy that at the top but the price can be much more expensive than normally. Don’t let you reach at mt Batur peak a few hours before sunrise, besides waiting too long for the sunrise we can also shiver with cold in there.

Do not burden yourself during the hike and just bring enough items because this mountain is not too high and the most important thing is don’t forget to use mountain shoes or sandals so it will not to slip easily.

You also need to take a mount Batur hiking guide for climb mount Batur height to maintain safety reason. With us you can negotiate price issues to get a suitable price according to how big of your group. Our mount Batur company is very plexible, if you have your own transportation, you can only hire a guide only from us. Book with Bali Trekking Guide and Tour is a must to get a flexible price with excellent service.

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