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Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking Booking

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Do you want something more interesting than longing at the beach? Well, you should take a look at the holiday package of Bali trekking tour offered by Bali Trekking Guide and Tour. Generally, Mount Batur is a kind of a rewarding yet magical way to start your day in Bali. Watching the sunrise at the right time with a nice breakfast and local tea would never be this great for sure.


Of course, nothing could beat the beauty of the beaches in Bali. However, if you want some activities that involve a lot of adrenaline then you can opt out for other activities such as trekking. You can check Mount Batur trekking price on the website and purchase the ones that suit your needs well. Some people need to challenge themselves and this is why they go to Mount Batur in the first place. Other than that, there are many operators who offer similar tour package but we highly recommend you to pay a visit to in the first place.

Tips for climbing Mount Batur before the sunrise

Talking about Mount Batur sunrise trekking, you may need to prepare yourself for something in the first place. Preparing yourself in the first place will help you to get through the routes and the trekking itself. The first thing you need to prepare is your clothing. Since you will climb up the mountain at 3 in the morning, the weather could be a bit chilly. Make sure you wear proper clothing, a comfortable pair of shoes, and comfortable pants. Decent foot support is important because this will be a real hiking challenge.

Water and Food

The tour and travel arranger would prepare bottled mineral water but it might not be enough for you. Do not forget to bring your own bottle because the route is not the easiest one. Also, even though breakfast is on the list, it will be better if you bring a chocolate bar or other snacks. It is important to have Mount Batur Sunrise trekking booking in advance because when it is in a peak season, you might not have empty slots available for you.

Toilet Paper and Fitness

We should agree that toilets are not available on the mountain, the volcanic one. This is why you really need to bring your own toilet paper in your bag. Toilet papers are the best choice because you do not want to waste your water for this kind of thing. Besides, the way to get to the summit of Mount Batur is pretty steep and long. Doing Mount Batur Sunrise trekking booking in advance would allow you to prepare those things much better as well. Other than that, make sure that you have prepared your physical condition in the first place.

What to expect

Purchasing and make Mount Batur Sunrise trekking booking in advance would allow you to know what to expect as well. As we have mentioned earlier, for every package you have purchased, you will be accompanied by a local guide. Every guide is able to speak English very well which makes no such a language barrier at all. Commonly, the breakfast features boiled eggs cooked in the volcano steam, some fruits, and toasts. So, if you feel like you need something more to fulfill your tummy then you better bring your own snacks.

Even though the routes are steep, high, and windy, you will not be disappointed by how beautiful and stunning the whole view is. Watching the sunrise at the Mount Batur atop along with viewing the scenery of the whole Bali would be another reason why you should do Mount Batur Sunrise trekking booking in the first place.



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