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Mount Batur Day Trekking Tour

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Mount Batur is an active volcano and the second highest volcano in Bali. Mount Batur is located in Kintamani. It has a wide area of being a wonderful tourist destination in Bali. You can do a trekking activity in Bali. Mount Batur day trekking tour will offer a memorable experience during exploring this mount. You can see the levels of Mount Batur trekking price to identify the price.

Bali Trekking Tour

Of course, you will wonder why the main interest of Mount Batur. For some people, it doesn’t look beautiful and magnificent because they don’t know the beauty of Mount Batur. It is getting interesting when you follow the Mount Batur trekking activity. You can include it to be Bali trekking tour. Some tourists call the mount Batur to be Mount Kintamani. When you take a choice of Bali trekking tour to Bali, you will see some joys and awesome views. The main view is a beautiful sunrise view. You will see the red and blue sunrise during doing this trekking tour. You can also see a caldera with small bubbles from the larva. In addition, the readers can enjoy breakfast with sunrise panorama. After the trekking is finished, you can enjoy bathing activities in a natural hot tub and enjoy your lunch. If you want to do a trekking activity to Mount Batur, it is recommended to trek a professional guide and know the trekking terrain. Mount Batur trekking price is available to some price ranges.

Mount Batur Trekking Price

How much is the price for Mount Batur day or afternoon trekking tour? You can select the levels of the package. The tour package usually applies to one person. The price usually includes a pickup facility and full air-conditioned transportation, trekking facilities with international standard safety, a trekking guide, towel, bathing facilities, lunch buffet, and a bathroom. The package is minimally ordered by two people. When you order this tour package, you must bring some outfits such as trousers, sports shoes, changing clothes, extra money, and a camera. Those are useful to help you in trekking Mount Batur. Mount Batur trekking price is categorized into some levels. For the Mount Batur trekking price, you must use a local guide. It seems to be more expensive but it is very safe because the local guide will guide you safely and know the surrounding area. When you want to explore Mount Batur, make sure that you keep the beauty and nature of Mount Batur. Don’t throw rubbish carelessly. The price of the package usually includes an overall tour fee and included facilities. However, some tours and travels apply different price and facilities for a particular package.

Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking Tour

Mount Batur sunrise trekking tour to the peak of Mount Batur is to be an amazing experience. It is very beautiful to see and explore during a holiday in Bali. You can enjoy Mount Batur Sunrise trekking tour in which it has a time duration for 10 hours. You will be grateful to see a very dramatic view and the panorama of the mount in Bali. Even, you can enjoy your meals like breakfast at the peak of the mountain. You may not sleep soundly a night before the trekking because you must be ready to pick up at very early morning. You can follow a short briefing for your safety during departing to sunrise trekking to Mount Batur. The trekking will spend 3 hours to reach the peak of the mount. After you reached there, you must be ready to get surprised by the natural beauty of Mount Batur by having breakfast. After finishing your trekking activity, you have a chance to visit a coffee farming area when you are on the way home. Those are some amazing activities and experience when you take Mount Batur day trekking tour. You can share your joys with your friends and partners during trekking. You can take a choice of a professional tour and travel, It offers you various Mount Batur trekking tour packages for attaining the joy.



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